Feature suggestion: Add WhenNotEmpty operator

for some of the rules I want to limit them to operate only when the value is not empty. Instead of having to write .When(Function(v) not String.IsNullOrEmpty(v.name)) I want to just write .WhenNotE...

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ShouldHaveValidationErrorFor not working for collection where a RuleForEach is specified

Imaging the following rule: RuleForEach(command => command.Recipients) .Length(9, 15) WithMessage(Resources.ValidationMessages.SmsMessageRecipientInvalidLength); The Recipients property is define...

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Possible GreaterThanOrEqualToValidator Bug in Version 5.5

Today, we updated to the latest version of the Fluent Validation NuGet package (5.5) from 30/10/2014 and it seems to have introduced a bug into out web application when using GreaterThanOrEqualTo....

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Customizing all the error message with error code

Hats off. It is a great framework. I used it lot of time in my project. For my new project i have to pass error code and and customize all the error message. For example i have to generate error c...

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Nuget support for windows phone 8.1 (windows runtime)

Can you please add support for nuget installation for windows phone 8.1 (windows runtime)?

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The DisplayName couldnot be display for UI.

In my mvc5 web application, for localization service. I want to display the viewmodel property display name for different languages. In another issued, I found the way by override the default confi...

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Duplicate error messages with WebApi

I am not sure this is a bug, a design issue or expected. If I use the Validator attribute on an class and the class being validated also implements System.ComponentModel.DataAnnotations.IValidat...

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ValidatorTestExtensions.cs not found

Hi, I am using FluentValidtor 5.4 and FluentValidator 5.4 Web API (downloaded using NuGet). In my unit test code, I get an error ValidatorTestExtensions.cs not found every time I try to call Sh...

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Slow performance when running validation rules.

I created an instance of my validator and then passed it thousands of instances of the type to be validated. It seems that the validation context is expensive to create. Can it be investigated if w...

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FluentValidation for ASP.NET Web Api 2.0 won't validate complex properties

Also asked on StackOverflow: http://stackoverflow.com/questions/24698665/fluentvalidation-for-asp-net-web-api-2-0-wont-validate-complex-properties I have the following example: [FluentValidation....

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