Use of FromUri attribute don't fire validation

If we use the FromUri attribute in the action parameter the validations stop working. [HttpGet] [Route("")] public bool Get([FromUri] ProductTypeRequest request) { if (!this.Mod...

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Strong name

Could the assembly be given a strong name so that it can be used in signed projects?

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option to set property names as CamelCase

Hello. I have the following code in the Global.asax that configures objects sent to the client to be in CamelCase mode: var jsonFormatter = GlobalConfiguration.Configuration.Formatters.JsonFormat...

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Feature suggestion: Add WhenNotEmpty operator

for some of the rules I want to limit them to operate only when the value is not empty. Instead of having to write .When(Function(v) not String.IsNullOrEmpty( I want to just write .WhenNotE...

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ShouldHaveValidationErrorFor not working for collection where a RuleForEach is specified

Imaging the following rule: RuleForEach(command => command.Recipients) .Length(9, 15) WithMessage(Resources.ValidationMessages.SmsMessageRecipientInvalidLength); The Recipients property is define...

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Possible GreaterThanOrEqualToValidator Bug in Version 5.5

Today, we updated to the latest version of the Fluent Validation NuGet package (5.5) from 30/10/2014 and it seems to have introduced a bug into out web application when using GreaterThanOrEqualTo....

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Customizing all the error message with error code

Hats off. It is a great framework. I used it lot of time in my project. For my new project i have to pass error code and and customize all the error message. For example i have to generate error c...

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Nuget support for windows phone 8.1 (windows runtime)

Can you please add support for nuget installation for windows phone 8.1 (windows runtime)?

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The DisplayName couldnot be display for UI.

In my mvc5 web application, for localization service. I want to display the viewmodel property display name for different languages. In another issued, I found the way by override the default confi...

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Duplicate error messages with WebApi

I am not sure this is a bug, a design issue or expected. If I use the Validator attribute on an class and the class being validated also implements System.ComponentModel.DataAnnotations.IValidat...

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